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tip to move in and that's towards southern california. we will have partly sunny partly cloudy, you can see these bands and it is a missing satellite day. high clouds, mild to warm, chilly or cold, let's face it, overall, temperatures today, mid-60s, here is sal. steve, good morning, right now traffic is going to be doing well around the bay area and as a matter of fact we don't have a lot to go on but we will be watching the traffic. today traffic patterns will be slightly different as you drive through the area and it will not be so much of a commute it will be people just trying to get away from the area and we will be looking at 101 in san francisco and traffic is moving along as we drive through. as we look at the commute in livermore there are no problems, still light and it is nice and early and so we'll see what happens. today will not be a typical
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commute dated. let's go back to the desk. we begin with breaking news, firefighters are trapped in an early morning apartment fire and we will could to tara moriarty with the latest. on briggs avenue, not only did you see behind me a couple much flames, they are trying to get out there but tenants are already pointing the finger at a man they say started it but this fire broke out around 245 this morning and it had been going for more than an hour. it happened near lincoln parkings firefighters evacuated both buildings and crews are spending an enormous amount of
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time tackle willing heavy flames. not long ago, a manned a mitted to starting this on cameras. >> i admitted doing this and i thought they had meth and i thought they had it all on camera and they have been doing this for a while now. >> do you know how it started? >> i started it. >> now the man didn't say why he started the fire, he escaped out a back door and luckily they have caught it and there are a lot of fire engines and risk blocking -- rigs blocking the entire area and right now this is lincoln park and we
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will try to gather more information. in just about 30 minutes a protest is set to begin in the port of oakland. truck drivers are pushing for better pay and they are also protesting new air quality rules which require them to update their trucks. they are asking for help in upgrading their trucks which is expecting -- which is expected h they will been picketing out side their busy pay. it is just similar in start. and the two men were shot
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and killed in 1978 by a former supervisor and we will have a memorial followed by a candle light march to the castro district. then a vent will be held at castro street followed by a marsh to city hall. 18-year-old sasha fleischman is scheduled to check out of the hospital today. sasha fleischman was asleep on november 4th when richard thomas allegedly lit the skirt sasha fleischman was wearing on fire. >> he is quite eager to get out of the hospital so they are doing what they can to get red, walking around as much as possible. .. >> reporter: sasha fleischman's family wants to move the case to juvenile court off camera
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his aunt told ktvu channel 2 morning news that their hearts go out to sasha fleischman and sasha fleischman's' family. they have officially categorized the storm as a nor'easter. it has already reached pittsburgh and ohio and pittsburgh is expected to get 8 inches. dusts could be filing and now the form could not have come at a worse time of course one of the busiest times of the year. major airports in new york, philadelphia, and boston are warning travelers to prepare for long delays and these delay also have a ripple affect and that could affect all areas in the bay area. there will be 44 million
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americans traveling. locally they expect up to 134 passengers. some left early and beat the oncoming storm. one woman waited three hours in albany,new york causing her to miss her connection in new york. >> we could see the plane we were supposed to get to get on so... >> airport parking garages will be at or near parking capacity, it is great to check more on your flight. now detectives were having
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an add on, on craigslist for 25- year-old suspect of walnut creek, posted the ad and sent graphic photos of himself. >> this may not have been police, it could have been an actual 14-year-old girl but that scares me and i don't want to that to happen. >> police then set up a meeting at the park where they took o'leary into custody. they went and seized items, including hissed amooting asymmetry nor for sex. a 29-year-old map celebrating his birthday with a barbecue was among those
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wounded. we have learned one of the gunmen had the gun and the other had a rifle, still no reason why it happened. a young girl was struck by a car crossing north white road near james high school where she was a freshman. she had just left her boy friend's house sunday night and was halfway across the street, one left her pass and the driver of a mini van apparently did not see her and hit her. >> i just -- it was just a normal thing, she would leave from my house and walk. >> she was declared brain dead at the hospital. she was kept on life support long enough for her internal or fans to be donated.
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monday night a woman was called on member more mall hospital. and the other child died at wells fargo bank. it could lead to a shakeup at the san francisco fire department. it shows the latter truck striking the motion cyclist. hater he tested aoff the blood alcohol limit. >> i think our crews under the circumstances did the best they possibly could with everything that was going on and testifying that they faced.
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>> quinn has possible punishment for their response to the crash. the 8th protest over the deadly shooting of andy lopez resulted in the first arrest. he was shot and killed on october 22nd and the deputy said he thought the beebee gun lopez was holding was a real one. they marched downtown and they are calling for the didn't tee. at least 33 break-ins have been reported all over the city. palo alto also talked about smash and break in and one happened in the livermore neighborhood. police say do not leave anything in plainview. the mall -- crowds at the
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malls may be smaller this year, they may be doing 30% and that's the highest percentage ever. they also are finding more from brick and mortar stores and many are taking advantage of that trend, they have postings with offers for worthless products and tainted web links. they tainted specialists and they are already up 5% from last year. i am excited, conditions permit permitting.
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>> other contain, kirkwood, northstar and boreel, we all can't wait to go. all right, 4:41 is the time, san francisco schools without enough teachers, the problem that could lead to a new calendar next year. and next year, he is not the only one awaiting the outcome. traffic is starting as we look at the san mateo bridge. >> well the we will have some rain and we will look at that forecast tomorrow as well.
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. welcome back, well president barack obama is back in washington d.c. after wrapping up his 3 day west
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coast tour. the president ran into steve martin who was doing some voice overwork and he had to try and they were also in progress. >> and later today, the president will reside over it is tookelling. >> people have been voting online to see which turkey gets the official testimony line of white house turkel am and they are opening on thanks givenning and a new survey those 16% of people asked shopping on thanksgiving think it's okay and the rest think it is not
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okay. well, they are decked out after tomorrow's turkey dinner and it sounds hike they are already stretched on their budget. >> for me anyway, that is the draw for me. >> i don't like it pause i am going to spend time with my family and i think i should have that. >> and others thing they should get that extra holiday pay. well bart had the latest mishap which occurred right in the middle of the evening commute forcing passengers to wait an hour or longer. the object landed on the electrified third rail on the trans bay tube. an on coming train hit the metal piece and was damaged
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hitting service. a big thing is to mean people about that, i got caught one time. >> well, as least until in tap can't fran, you have to are your friends come. >> and traffic is working well as you head out to the mcarthur maze and no problems coming into san francisco and again we are expecting today to be slightly different but they may see some crowds in some of the areas, san mateo bridge looking good, san mateo bridge traffic is moving well over to the peninsular. it is 4:48 let's go to steve. take a limo, sal. >> that it is the way to go,
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steve, 30s and 40ss and 50s and we have 50 degrees, a lot of high clouds are heading towards us a weak system is approaching southern california, there is our system as it begins to take a track towards central california and we will rack in some clouds, a lot of that is missing and a big system is going into the northeast, 30 up in what hoe. and they are working their way into today. they are just splitting today, mild warm, lower 70s in santa cruz for gilroy and we have a chilly morning, low-to-mid, everybody is pretty close,
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vallejo 64, wall walnut creek 64, brentwood oakly, 60s, santa cruz went 68, san jose at 67 and 66 in red wood city and 65. except for high and mid-level clouds, it looks like pack to sunny and warmer and we have some big changes next week so we will ease into that. >> time now is 450 and a homeless woman's belongings are coming into the bay. we will tell you about the cruelty -- cruelty after we found out it involved two cats. and a judge may take some. sting out of the air. i love watching tv outside.
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and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know?
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i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. i. welcome back, they are recovering after being malled by a tiger. these pictures were taken by visitors who witnessed the attack. they saw him biting his neck and shoulder. the zoo said the tiger will not be put down. san francisco animal control is looking for a man
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who deliberately killed two cats. one was found dead in his carrier after the man tossed it and other items she owned into the bay. police say the man approached the woman and suddenly threw her belongings into the bay. the woman is a familiar sight along the embarcadero. >> she bring out the cat when it's not too cold and allow is the cat to roam around a little bit. >> one cat was found dead inside the carrier but the other cat is missing and presumed to have drowned. witnesses were able to get a look at the suspect and saying he was possibly carrying a skateboard. if caught, the man faces animal cruelty charges. city supervisors are demanding answers about rising
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rents in the growing number of evictions. they are facing some big housing problems and they are doing everything they can to solve these problems. >> it is for low income households and families. >> mayor ed lee is working with california lawmakers to get them an an exemptsings -- get them a break. people on the island are being forced to move and they say the navy needs to clean up low-level chemicals under some buildings. 6 are taken down while the work is being done and they will be given replacement housing. they need to go with one of
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the city's moisturable areas. many are often speeding and going above the speed limit. some ban toed aspecial signage and lighting to the crosswalk. >> it will take somebody to die here before we get something looked at here. i don't know what we can do. >> antioch's police chief the department expects to hire more officers and in fremont they gathered for an emotional candle light vigil. they came to honor a coach and teacher who no texted others. he spent nearly 30 years at the john f ken dip high -- kennedy high school. he was remembered as a local legend both in the classroom and on the field. >> he was a coach on the field
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and he he supported cash in the staff. a car hit him on fremont and chp said he stopped to direct traffic away from the accident. google is replacing a satellite photo which contained the spot where kevin was killed in 2009. the his father contact had us after seeing his son's body on the old satellite image. they are hoping it will bring more to the case. uc berkeley will be playing next fall. they will play the oregon ducks and the new stadium is expected to be complete and the 1.2 is
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expected to seat more than 68,000 fans. people who live near this plant say spicy odors make their eyes water and create breathing problems. they grind chilliesen and mixing and bottling happen throughout the year and they do not complain about the other stuff during this time. a dramatic rescue at a burp being apartment house, we will hear about the man who started the fire. find out about the drug connection. it looks good we will tell you about the other bridges, straight ahead. any will talk about any
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rain coming up for thanksgiving.
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. one tenant admitted to ktvu channel 2 morning news that he started a fire. we are live at the port of
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oakland where drivers say they will not work today, we will tell you why and what they want in order to get back to work. and it has been 35 years since the assassination much george gas cone and harvey mills, and why the city's housing crisis may be a big deal. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. we want to take you back to alameda where there is an active scene this is a live picture outside and we have been following this fire this morning in alameda again where there have been dramatic escapes from that fire and tara moriarty is out there and we are getting a very surprising admission as well. we will check in with her as well. thank you

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